1. Jer
    I've had it with all these GLOBAL WARMINGS!!! deniers!! Anybody who doesn't believe in tha GLOBAL WARMONGS!!! is a FUCKING RETARD!! Hitler had it right - all retards should be sterilized immediatly so they can't pass on their fucked-up anti-GLOBAL WARMINGS!!! genes!! And the Jews!!- them too!!!

    Next they should be sent to concentration camps where they can concentrate on watching An Inconvenient Truth 24 hours a day until they admit that GLOBAL WARMINGS!!! is NOT a myth and that Al Gore is NOT a false prophet!!

    Hiel O'Bama!!!
  2. Jer
    I'm surprised Der Suit hasn't shown up here yet. Must be too busy with all the "ethnic cleansing" going on lately.
  3. Smokey McPole
    Smokey McPole
  4. Smokey McPole
    Smokey McPole
    What the hell has the UN ever done?
  5. bertrenolds
    Inconvient truth was ok, not the best I've seen. Try getting Manufactured Landscapes or just watching history channel, their is plenty of proof pollution is not only driving up the global temp, but it is also laying waste to our own planet at the same time. You know what the problem is, it is that 50% of americans are idiots with low iq's that are easily brain washed by both republicans and democrats, mainly republicants for the last 7 years, people are voting for palin/mcain because she is hot? What the fuck is wrong with people, seriously, 50% of americans are mentally impaired. What would jesus buy is another great film everyone should see!!! And the Un has done alot, not always called the UN the idea was the same, Here is a nice link for you http://www.un.org/aboutun/achieve.htm
  6. osama_bin_hate'n
    al gore and david suzuki should spend a week at a romantic retreat together. meanwhile global waring deniers should be forced to beat eachother with frozen weazles until their veiws change. also i think that as far as capital punishment goes, death row inmates, by which i mean people i don't like should be killed by guards coming into their cell and hitting them in the head with sledgehammers in order to save tax money. as far as global warming, we should replace all other energy sources with electricity generated by fourcing prisoners and obese people to peddle on stationary bikes. if you can't tell i've just tried salvia i'm completly insane
  7. Jer
    Bert - ur gay.
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