1. David Witherspoon
    David Witherspoon
    Join up, Utards.

    No, I don't know how it works, nor why it would be worth doing.
    Just do it.
  2. Skidog
    Ok so here we are??? Now what? LOL!
  3. David Witherspoon
    David Witherspoon
    Dunno. I guess we, like, socialize or something.

    Layout's a bit clunky.
  4. David Witherspoon
    David Witherspoon
    Oh, I know. We have a idear here, post it, and then we go tag all the Utah TRs.

    ... except the tags are gone. Now what?
  5. baron
    I'll be up at alta monday, burning in the trees, if anyone wants to identify themselves.Mostly on greely bowl & skiers right of rustler.Red jacket,black helmet,mon88's underfoot
  6. AaronMJam
    Utards... not asleep in 2010. I'm itching to get the snow tires on... and learn how to ski something more difficult than a damn blue. My shoulder still hurts.
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