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  1. And I'm sorry that it's taken me this long to reply. It did help. I put 'em right on the line and they ride really nice. Could've even gone back a bit I think and gotten more nose. There is a lot of tail there for sure. Thanks for the suggestion. They bang the entire mountain nicely!
  2. Sorry it took me so long to far as the Mothership, if you had the 100's at +1 1/2, I would go +.5 or right on the line. This ski is PERFECT on the line. I skied my 100's at -1cm, though, so I may be biased. Personally, with the slight rocker in the tip, I would ski them on the line as you are losing a few cm of contact at the front on the snow.

    I had about 30 days on the 195's last year, and about 10 so far on the 185...I am 210lbs and bomb everything I can, and the 185 is perfect on the mounting line.

    hope that helps
  3. Got a question for ya. I've been a loyal Line rider for years and years. Had 3 generations of P100s and just ordered the M'Ship 185s. I always felt that P100s were just a tad bit unstable at speed. I'm 36, 6'1", 225ish ski 45/year and was looking for a burly ski. After reading many reviews on this and 190 Katanas, and 185 Girishes I'm glad I chose the Lines. My question regards mounting. Is midsole line good on these, or should I go +1 - +1 1/2? I rode the P100s at +1 1/2(mounted myself at my shop) and liked them there. I'm just not sure how the M'Ships ski. Kirkwood and Squaw are home mtns. so Sierra cement is as common as 2 ft.
    I've just been reading your reviews on these and it looks like you have a good grasp on 'em. Thanks in advance, Jason
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