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  1. Yo! Cochise (26.5/310)vs lupo pro (26.5/307) vs FT seth (27/310)fit/flex/stance thoughts, on my feet.

    Cochise and lupo forefoot/sixth toe: perfect toe box and width, no need for a punch, where the Seths need a punch.

    Instep/midfoot: lupo feels a bit looser than the seths, but snugger than the cochises. Happy medium.

    Ankle pocket: not skied the lupos yet, so can't really comment on how they ski, but feels much the same as the cochises, I guess more anatomically correct.

    Shins/calves: I have trunk like legs, and the lupos are definitely snugger than either cochises or seths. The idiot that I am molded the Lupos at first in walk mode to make them less likely to wrinkle, found out after a couple of minutes, then couldn't get the fuckers back into ski mode. Now, I am a fairly heavy kid at 100kg,and the 130 flex tongues actually might need a downgrade, since it was them stopping me from going into ski mode, but whatever.

    Hope that helps.
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