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  1. Jeez Fergus, I'm so sorry I just saw this now. I never look on my board (only PM's or replies to threads and I get no alerts when someone posts on my board).

    Pics would have done no good as I was just moving the jacket for a buddy (I'm on the small side of Medium).

    For what it's worth, the Stingray is a somewhat trim fit but with room for layers. It is not baggy at all; it's just right leaning to athletic. Only way I can put it. I'm a huge Arc fan and honestly think the Stingray was the best resort shell they ever made (drop hood + that super light fleece backed gore + that gore is softer and quieter than proshell). However, if I needed a shell to stuff in a BC pack it would not be a Stingray.
  2. Jonny, regarding your jacket for sale, what is your height and weight/build? How long is the jacket on you? a pic of you in the jacket would help for sizing. Can you layer underneath? What is the fit like? Thanks.
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