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  1. yes, recession is a very large bitch for me. my construction trucking is down 60% compared to last year.
    also i filed for divorce and i am dealing with an extremely very large bitchy wife, figuratively speaking, our 2 kids want to live with me, that is making her more angry than she usually is, and i have stopped paying her business and personal expenses that she felt entitled too (anyone with a penis is supposed to pay anyone with a vagina, "that's what a marriage is" is her opinion. her business seems to be doing fine though so when all the chips are fallen i may wind up with a financial settlement that will let me keep both testicles. my kids want me to get a cat, send us your feline surplus and we will show them what american mice are made of..
  2. Hard work here, John! Getting the business up and running in the middle of the recession is a bitch. Never been so poor or so stressed. Still, whatever doesn't kill ya and all that...

    Gita's fine. She's in Germany at the mo at a conference, so I'm looking after the cats. Hope all's well with you.

  3. hi a. how's it going with you and g???
  4. andy, how's my fave fish and chips lover?? and did you get your new biz up and running and if so wtf is it?? tell simon and gita cheerio for me
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