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  1. It's funny I mentioned Libby MT to someone today and thought of your folks and the area. How are your folks. How long a stint was that in the military, 4years? I've got a buddy in Sacramento that has a sweet place in Hood as well. I'm contemplating heading down there (hood) next week.

    Not sure if you've been in touch with shawn/merlyn but he's got a little goblin on the go now so new life for him. I don't see him much these days but had some email a few weeks back with him. I think they're skiing a fair bit though but not sure they'll be making any more trips to SA anytime soon. Have his wife on Facebook so I can keep tabs on her. Apparently his cyber paranoia keeps him off of there.

    Are you in Libby with the folks for now?

  2. hey man! just bout out of the Military and gonna move to Reno! how have you been?
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