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  1. Hi there, the train system in italy is very poor so in any case you'll need a car. University towns with good nightlife and a variety of good terrain at <2 hours driving are turin, milan, brescia, trento. You can't be wrong with any of these, just let me know how I can be of any further help, ciao
  2. Hey,

    I had a thread a while back about where to live in italy to ski...

    As of right now I still haven't been able to nail it down. I was recently in Annecy, FR and thought it was an awesome city. Does Italy have a city like Annecy near the Alps. Some of the things I'm looking for are:

    Rad skiing, of course.
    Fun night life (lots of girls)
    Possibly a university
    A place I could learn Italian
    Train distance to the uber radess.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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