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  1. Hey thanks for the response. I actually deleted it because it was in no way my business. A few friends of mine got 6 pairs of skis jacked off the top of their locked ski rack this weekend, so I'm kind of disposed to think of stolen goods right now. Well that I'm watching to see if anything pops up here because it was a bunch of brand new gear that I had recently flowed to them. Anyways, thanks for the note, all the best and pray for some snow.

  2. Cody,
    The Cochise are my business partner's and he hates them. The CRJ's I bought off the board last year and didn't work to good in Stowe. The Rocker 2's are mine and I really don't like the way they ski mounted with Dukes at -3, I feel totally dis connected from the ski. As I can't seem to give the CRJ's away since they have been drilled twice, I figured I would cut my losses and take what I can get. I got the Salomons in a barter with a big ski shop, so it's not like I paid retail.
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