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  1. Yo bro whats up! Hey I was wondering how to set up my page so I can easily and quickly check my posts. How do you do that. I have a mag who is thinking about meeting in Wildhaus next week. I hope he is a decent skier. My feelings are that if he is on TGR he is probably good enough to keep up. Oh- yeah I also never told you about how killer my BC's are. I love em. Day 1 on them was tricky, Day 2 was comfortable, and Day was some of the best riding I have ever done. (that speaks a lot since I have not been on my sticks much) I am hoping to log some good turns with Swiss and company. That will be the big test for the BC's. Grace and I love watching Sophia rip. We watch it about everyday. she has a friend karl who is only 2 and half and is slaying the blues as well. Watching the movies motivates her. We have to talk soon. I hope all is well. Love ya,
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