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  1. Can't make a move on a ANOTHER pair of skis. Wallet just won't allow it. But may have permanently lost my beacon, do you carry any, if so can you crank a killer deal on one. I'm such a moron for losing mine, but I'm desperate.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll look into those two skis.
  3. I have the blizzi new zeuss I can make a sweet deal, also have the scott stunt
  4. Hey tim, thanks for keeping up with me through email at

    you had said a couple of days ago that you were going to have a price on the Kuro's..."today". I saw your posts and realize you don't have the kuro's in hand, but do you happen to have a price you'll be looking for, then maybe i can get you paid if the price is right?

    Anyway, really appreciate everything, thansk man

    jeff green.
  5. Hey tim. My name's Jeff. And first off thanks for helping everybody out with the volkl and markers. I know your a little suspicious of PMs, and I wish I had someone to vouch for me, but being new (relatively) to TGR, I don't know too many people. Nonetheless a lot of the fellow TGR's reccommended you for a set of volkls, said you were the best.

    I was wondering if I could get a price on a pair of Volkl Kuros at 186. I can put down any deposit you'd like, and will be very fast with payment (I can send cash or check, or whatever you'd like). Anyway, just seeing if theres anything you can do for me. Thanks a lot in advance man. I will send you an email as well on this topic .Feel free to call or email. I'm located in Boulder, CO

    Jeff Green
    201 618 5967
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