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  1. hey buddy i hear your season is staring good. we just got some snow and now i am going to CO for a week. happy shredding
  2. Joe! Whats up dude, headed down your way next weekend for a couple days of raging with Bry and crew. Going to see the Disco Biscuits at the Crystal and then trying to rip whatever's left of your snow for a couple days. Hoping to hit up Squaw once. You still living at his place? Hopefully we can drink a brew. Take er easy.
  3. Yo dude this is joey mettlers roommate, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. i am heading up to portland for a wedding and need a place to crash on Fri Night aug 15. the wedding is at hornings hideout but i am not leaving untill sat morn and i have a flight that gets into portland around 10pm fri. if its not to much trouble could me and my GF crash with you one night. let me know when you get this 530-567-5183 Joey
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