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  1. SFB, thought you might like to know that a friend and I just now discovered that none of your photos show up in your TGR posts if we use the Firefox browser to view the forum. I told my friend about your post of Andrew's 3,251 not so easy steps to skin Argenta and gave him the link to your post. He replied "Strange, I'm not getting any images in his post". He saw all the same text and the emoticons but no photos. I use Apple's Safari browser on my computer. I also tried Firefox and got the same result as my friend did. That's too bad, because everyone really likes your photos, including me. With Apple's Safari browser and with Google's Chrome browser all your photos show up. My guess is that there's some incompatibility between your photo hosting site,, and the Firefox browser. Don't know what you can do about that except maybe ask for help from a TGR admin.
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