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    3 years September. We were in New Meadows, and we had steady sales growth until the economy tanked. Hung on so long we nearly lost everything, then moved the shop to McCall in April. We are on the main drag a block up from the lake. Fn dynamite location, we get walk-in traffic like crazy. Damn good summer, now waiting for snow. Yeah, it would be cool to meet you in person. You on Facebook?
  2. Hi Nate. This is Gordy. I felt like dropping a line, you seem like a really good dude. I think I've grown up and gotten a bit smarter than a couple years ago. If I were really smart I'd be too embarrassed to communicate with any mags, but I'm not. My wife and I have moved our shop to McCall. If you come up drop by. Same goes to all mags.
  3. You think someone can pick me up Nov 15 at the bus station and then drop me off the next morning?

    My wife will think I'm nuts, but she already thinks I'm nuts.
  4. Thank you for the kind words. I really would like to visit, maybe even ski Bogus again. I don't get out much though, with kids and work.
    If you ever swing through New Meadows during biz hours, stop in Mud Creek Outdoor Gear. Hopefully I'll be there and I'd be glad to see you.
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