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  1. Haus Karen in St Gallenkirch has rooms for 35 a night with breakfast. Bus stop a quick walk away and itís a five minute ride to Silveretta Nova. She has a website.
    Killer skiing from high alpine to tree skiing.
    Plus Hemingway hung in The Valley.
    I didnít mean to be cryptic but realized I probably donít need to post this shit up on the web for every dentist to read for eternity.
  2. Yo Buster,
    Just wanted to throw out the Vorarlberg for consideration. Montafon is the shit, Jrainey could show ya around. Damuls and the Bregenzer Wald areas get a fuck ton of snow too due to lake effect from the Bodensee. I really dig Warth Shrocken too, that place gets deep and is not too big that you donít know where to start.
    The only weak link is most of those places donít get much over 2400m.
    Keep us posted on your plans, maybe I can meet ya for a day or two.
    Cory in Garmisch
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