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  1. Whoopsie, meant to send that as a PM. Contents still apply.

    any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Mike Pow: I'm doing a season in Niseko next year and I have a question regarding an appropriate quiver. You seem to be the right chap to ask! Half my quiver I think is gonna be Pillowfights, how many days a season do you think I would get out of pow specific boards?

    And about the second pair; I'm thinking of bring my CRJ's for touring. Would it be unwise to bring 2 soft snow specific skis to Japan?

    Or I could mount the pillowfights for touring, and bring a ski that can use in the park. I do enjoy lapping the park if inbounds isn't soft and tourin Ig isn't happening. But then I leave myself with only a 135 waisted ski for touring.....

    Or do I just say fuckit and bring 3 pairs?
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