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  1. I just talked to the boss (mrs V) and she says the 3rd would be better.
  2. I fly in on saturday 7/31, I could be available on Monday 8/2 - Friday 8/7. I fly back out on 8/8.
  3. I'l be bringing my 5/6 + large arbor reel and a good selection of flies, hoopers, beetles and a streamer or two. I really should not need much gear at all I was just wondering if there was anything I needed to get for the type of fishing we'd be doing that I don't already have. But it sounds like I have most everything.

    How's the fishing been out there lately?
  4. sweet. anything special gear or rigging that I should have such as indicators for nymphing? I typically don't use one here but I'm not drifting either. How about leaders 4x..5x...3x?
  5. teleee how's your schedule looking in 2 weeks?
  6. no he is too young for a trip that long. he will be 4 on 8/1. I have no trouble with an early morning I am up early for work everyday. Are there any other mags that you know that would want to joint us....maybe with more rowing experience than me. I am a quick learner but I've never done any rowing in a drift boat.
  7. My son's birthday party will likely be on Sunday 8/1. That should be the only real family obligation I have. After that I could be available any day that I am there. I looks to be about a 3.5 hr trip out to the little hole that close to where you would be heading?
  8. Hey, I really appreciate your offer. It would be great to do a float trip with you on the green.

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