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Conversation Between up an down and Adolf Allerbush

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  1. yes, still in rockford and wishing i was going back to argentina. maybe next year........ and you have left chicago? i can't remember what your job is/was but i think you wanted to move back to oregon? ...anyway i just felt like saying hello, slow time workwise for me right now and the improvements to tgr make it easier to send message, or maybe i was too much a jong at it before.... i don't get to tgr often, but when i do i see your posts occasionally, glad to see you dislike blurred elevens as much as i do.... is ross still in ketchum? i recall him posting about trying to kick alcohol a few years ago. i hope he succeeded! tough to do in a resort locale.
  2. Oh right on man. You still living in Rockford? I just got back from Argentina a few weeks ago. Good times.
  3. Hi, things are good. How/who are you?
  4. hi scott how are things with yoy?
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