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  1. Thanks for getting back to me on the Carson’s. Leaning towards grabbing them for my 11 yr old kid. He’ll have outgrown his 138cm Gotama’s by next season. Wanting a solid wood core ski with some camber underfoot as his daily driver in Tahoe, as he has a pow ski and a race ski (we’ve been blessed with hand-me-downs from family friends w/ older kids). His sister and I are on Moment’s- he’s starting skiing terrain and at speeds where I want to make sure his skis are up to the task.

    As for condition- bases look pretty good in the photos, but it’s hard to tell- any prior core shots or anything needing repair now? Edges still have life in them?

    Not so worried about the top sheet chipping- par for the course. The kid loves the graphic anyway

    Bindings solid/functional condition?

    We’re in SF- any chance you’re between Bay Area and Tahoe for in-person pick up (vs. shipping)?

  2. Did you already sell the Moment Carson’s? I’d be interested if not. Thx
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