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  1. when will all your travels take you through SF, friend?
  2. Awesome. Do you think you think Earl's bike would fit you? Are you willing to look like a tri weenie? If so you're welcome to use that.

    Otherwise, gravitylover has some rentals in his shop, you might want to check out.

    Your mom lives near zabars!!!

    Sure, I'll be down for a ride. I haven't been on the bike at all lately because I've been running and swimming so much. I'll start building up now. If it's a nice day we could try and go to the apple orchards in Rockland county, or Harriman park or something...
  3. Hey Court...looks like I might be taking some professional courses at CIA up in Hyde Park in early Dec. Possibly looking to road ride, if the temps are O.K. I am not bringing a bike, can you think of possibilities to borrow/rent one (road) for a few days?
    Also, looks like I will be in NYC the weekend of the 5-7th...wanna get together and eat somewhere?
    My mom moved up to 80th and B-Way, so I will be up there.
    Let's chat!
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