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  1. I didn't know Anthony, just became a fan of his from his posts on MTBR and his website.
    I was curious to see the $1200 performer, I know I could pick one up for quite a bit less than that. If you can locate one for around $600 please let me know.
  2. Anthony was a dear, dear friend of mine, I rode all over the country with him...I just got back from his memorial.

    BTW, the boardd isn't really for sale, I'd rather keep it. (I got it in 82 or so) The one I will NEVER sell is the '79 Londonderry, which i bought from Jake's Mom's garage waaay back when...are you seriously looking to pay that much coin for an 83' Performer? I can find one, if so...
  3. I see you liked Anthony Sloan as well.
    Do you have photos of the board? Where are you located?
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