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  1. Wow. First time I've looked at this entire website in quite a while. Ryan told me of some ruffled feathers a while ago about where we live... So... closing in on 6,000 posts??? Um, congratulations? Um, sorry? Not sure which is more appropriate. The real world, and i mean ACTUAL reality as opposed to virtual, is so, So, SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! Ditch this place and live for real! Whatever, you obviously won't. You'll think about it though. And what was up with you sticking your nose up a couple weeks ago at Dos??? Do you realize you were completely surrounded by many of my friends and acted like a complete jerk in front of many true longtime locals who otherwise would've been GREAT people to meet?????? Pretty stupid of you to act like that: you kissed a whole bunche of awesome skiing goodbye without even knowing it. Brilliant!
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