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  1. Aw damn, I went with the Colorado pass (5 mtn). But I love the Jane too much to stay away from it so I'll go there quite a few times. I'll let you know man!
  2. Hey alex! Which pass did you end up getting for this season?
  3. it was killer! 9 inches overnight then 5 more while i was there. unfortunately i didn't get the bents as the seller was busy moving but they're on the way now. however, i did rent some icelantic shamans and they tore the ridge up to shreds!
  4. Sounds like Saturday at Loveland was the bomb. Glad you got to hit it. You take out your new Hellbents? How were they? Can't wait to hear the report. Just saw the big ass front out in the Pacific. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. so my back and left knee are stiff as a board. great closing day, fun runs man!
  6. Yeah, I am not sure what the plan is, but my wife and I are thinking of going up both days, Sat for family skiing with our 3yo daughter, and then (hopefully) Sunday for adult skiing and hammering slush bumps/steep fun. If the weather is springy, we may try early for a good parking spot, but not be in a hurry to ski until it softens up a little.

    I had to pull "spot" tour guide duty yesterday at the last minute when she had to bail due to food poisoning. Was showing her uncle and cousin around, but Frenchman and Engledive (or WP side) were just getting great when I had to leave for work at Noon. I will pm you on Friday when I know our plans for sure, but I am DEFINITELY down for some runs! See you there, and have a good week man.
  7. hey saw in the weather thread you're goin to MJ this weekend? i'll be there sunday for sure.
  8. Definitely!! I really think it is going to have alternating hammer-type storms for the last two weeks. Thanks El Nino!! See ya then!
  9. sounds good to me man! hopefully this unsettled pattern coming in tuesday will give us some ending season pow. we'll get more than 1 run in next time!
  10. Dude, had a blast on that run, all the different times I have been in there, that was the first for that line. I will let you know what my closing weekend schedule is up there, until then, have fun gettin' after it for the rest of April!
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