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  1. Its all good, ha ha read my new post...

    have fun
  2. You made a comment about liking FACE SHOTS, and instead of my usual perverted reply, I chose not to pick the low hanging fruit. I hope you didn't think it was a comment about your body. It wasn't.
    We are awfully tough on new members here, especially when they come without nekkid pics or skiing pics.
  3. low hanging fruit. cmon, dude you all suck.
    Man I just want some free boots. My friends who work for TGR told me to post the lange girl shit on their sight. Its alllll bs... bro.

    I removed my post but I do love the sight... stoked to be on here. its all goo whatev d,...

    Im into my teles now any way so fuck it. Yah and Im old so what, i can teach those little ones how to rip it AK style.

    have a good christmas...
  4. what was wrong with the comment?
  5. Dude your comment sucked. Merry Christmas.
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