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  1. Hi Brian! The b-day turns had to be delayed until today. Susan just got her touring setup (after borrowing from a friend for about 20 trips) and we're in NH about to head up to Mt Washington. The conditions will pretty much suck but it will be fun anyways. It sounds like you guys just got a load of snow, yes? We've actually been talking about Seattle a LOT and have toyed with the idea of moving out there in summer 2010. I figure the hassle of visiting is a lot less than the hassle of moving so we might come out to "try it on for size" around the end of May. Susan has only been once, very briefly and I've been that time and the time that I stayed with you. It seems like the snow levels should be good for some snow-field type touring by then I think, yes? The flights are cheap so we might wait until the time comes to make the call. I hope that you're enjoying the winter!

  2. birthday turns? Hope all is deepl! and happy BDay
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