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  1. I'm hunting the elusive Sally jig. I'm sure that every shop in town has one. I just want to find a paper one or one that can be spirited out of the shop at night so I can go for the mount my own steeze.
  2. What jig you need??? I just had the same shit go down, had to find the damn trolia jig, PHD only. Took a bottle of knob for three mounts, not too bad.
  3. Monday or whenever is fine, dude. I haven't found the jig to mount up the new sticks yet, anyways. I gotta get on that.
  4. Hey you take paypal, i got extra money in there. Or else I gotta wait till next Monday. Pm me your # again.
  5. was ur # ???
  6. Sounds good to me.
  7. you dirty hippy, lets make a deal on those STLs. You know I want 'em. Hows the thesis????
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