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  1. thanks for the heads-up on the course off of 19th. I occasionally play with some of the gallatin valley disc golf club, and the course up at battle ridge is really sweet. I usually play there or at Bohart. It would be nice to have something in town (like on 19th) just to have somewhere in town that you could hit up with less of a time commitment and drive, especially now that the days are getting shorter. Lemme know if you ever wanna go huck the disc.

    The big sky tourney sounds interesting.
  2. yo shredness
    fyi a disc golf course is goin in behind outdoor warehouse place off 19th on tsache lane- kinda lame, small piece of land, 12holes w/dual tees each & lots of OB but no trees (thanks city of bzmn)
    local discers also set up at the battle ridge campground sometimes but can't leave it there due to forest service roolz... my (older school) buddies and I throw the ulty discs on a fun golf track through msu campus (tough for me after throwin golf discs so much) we'll be there 9/23-10/11 so maybe Ill PM ya a teetime then, off hours are best for the pedestrian factor...
    also saw this-
    Big Sky Resort tourney
    Hey all! Big Sky Resort will be hosting their second annual tourney on August 30th at 3pm. This will be a doubles scramble (play one team score, both of you throw from the best disc), choose your partner, and there will be a few prizes, and cash money up for grabs. The new course is up Andesite Mountain, and you ride the Ramcharger lift up to start, and play down to the base area. There are 18 holes, some baskets, some poles, and the last 10 holes are brutal. But super fun, nonetheless. The best part about this tourney, is it's only 15 dollars, and that includes your lift ride to hole one, and it gets you a ticket to a sweet concert in the plaza that will be taking place very shortly after the tourney. The bands are Melvin Seals and the JGB (former members of the Jerry Garcia Band, and a guy who sounds hauntingly like Jerry), and Moonalice ( a conglomeration of artists from Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and GE Smith from the Saturday Night Live band). The tickets to the concert are supposed to be 25 bucks, so we are getting a super deal. We will also try to put out some package deals that will include hotel rooms, I'll keep you posted.

    SO COME ON OUT! August 30th! 3pm. Big Sky Resort plaza base area!

    Also, some of us have been trying to get a new course built in the meadow in the Community Park, and if things go as planned, we'll have a nine hole course in down there by the time of the tourney, and we'll do something fun down there on Sunday. Hope to see you all!

    anyway too much time bein mr mom- passin along what I know of the bozone scene...
    later, joe
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