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  1. LBL - I greatly appreciate your work. I am located in SE Idaho as well and follow your work regularly here at TGR. I have a request, I believe on one thread you had a picture of the Palisades area before and after dam(n) construction. I have gone looking for the pic's and haven't had success locating them. The reason, my mother's family is the Nickerson's and they ranched in the valley for years and I have a friend in the Boise area that worked that area as a boy, I would love to give hima copy for his sentimental reasons. If you get this and wouldn't mind sharing, you can contact me on my personal e-mail account: For your reference I live in Pocatello, architect, self employed, 50 y.o. and have always loved the high desert climate. Let me know if you wouldn't mind sharing. Sincerely, savageti.
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