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  1. or not I guess.
  2. alright man. well I got a truck and I am gonna come there to pick up the sled unless you wanna throw me half now and half later. but I will have to hold on to the sled till I get all the cash. let me know if I can work with you.

  3. ill sell the sled for 800 bucks. to you. and its in crested butte. you can go get . paypal or send me a check and I am gonna make sure it clears and then I will tell you where it is . we can talk on the phone if you want . I want to make sure you feel this is for real...not a scam...

    k thanks
  4. hey man give me your number. I would love to sell it. and its in crested butte. I dont have a truck and I am having problems picking it up.

    call me
    920 883 6792
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