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  1. Oh, my name is Nate btw. Always weird having conversations and not knowing who you are really talking to.
  2. Hey Carmen. You are in luck. I haven't made any of these in a couple years but there was one I made for Matt in a pile of scrap he apparently didn't need. It's for a 325 bsl but it's easy to mount other bsl's by moving it fore/aft. It's for a p18,FKS, and what I think is PX/Axial but I sold my actual jigs so I have nothing to check it against. Shoot me your addy and I'll send it down. You can paypal me a couple bucks or buy me a beer the next time I'm in SLC.
  3. Hey. Do you have any of those plastic Axial/Axial2 jigs lying around? Dibs and I can sure use one.
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