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  1. sounds good nicky said you fell at the top of the cirque? you didnt miss out sucked.
  2. so I'm out for two weeks (injured just before we are finally supposed to go touring) but drop a line, let's grab a drink at merlin's patio or something. i'll buy first round.
  3. No ski today .. work at 2. Been out the past two days. Will be doing an AST course on the weekend. Next ski day is probably Tuesday .. will hopefully have some better snowpack by then. Got yr cell.
  4. hey man, you skiing tomorow?(friday) would be cool to meet up. not been up the rock skis ready.....give me a buz, 604 907 1055
  5. ok, I pinged the dude about Shore cult, so keep an eye on NS.

    I'll PM you my number. sounds like we should meet for a beer.. you sound like good people.
  6. sweet, yea i try to avoid newschoolers, but desparate times ehh,.... my user name is 'freeriderob' on there.
    we got a place in brio, near staff, for the winter. move in on sat.
    sounds like you got a good set up there with the dukes gots......just orderd a pair of praxis mnt freeride recurves.....expensive but...well, you know.....
  7. hola. yah I also managed to grab the last pair of 08 Gotamas I could find at Whistler Village Sports. 400 clams. so far, it's been cheaper grabbing gear here in Whis than anywhere online, including TGR.. with the dropping dollar, it's all changing. hey did you & yr gf find a place .. ?

    throw those park skis up on Craigslist, including Vancouver .. you should be able to move them. are you on ? if not sign up, I'll invite you to The Shore cult, good people there, more park oriented, you should be able to move 'em through the site.
  8. i went in their today and noticed they were gone.

    dont suppose you know anyone in whistler that wants to buy some park skis? dyna troublemakers, there chained up outside longhorn....
  9. fyi i grabbed those Dukes today at 440. seemed to be the best deal with the dropping dollar. they are 09 Dukes so I am happy. now just to find some 08 Gotamas for 400 bucks. that would make me happy. ;p
  10. oh -- and the Barons are a tad more plastic, toepieces it seems. they don't weigh all that much less. i'd stick with Dukes, as it looks like you gotta crank the heel on the Dukes a bit more than usual.
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