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  1. Linguistics. If I may brag about my nerdiness, UCSC has the number one linguistics program in the country I'm graduating with a 3.7. So fired up! I spontaneously jump around from excitement every now and then. Weather looks like it's turning for the better in Tahoe. Fingers crossed.

    UGH! No, really, congrats on the graduation! In what emphasis did you end up getting a degree? At the very least, I'm probably going to book a heli or cat ski trip in the interior BC. Haven't been there since 2001, and I'm in a powder deficit. Have fun in AK!
  3. yeah, it's struggling time in Tahoe. I'm pulling the ripcord of hope and jetting up to AK on friday. Yeah, yeah, I'm a bastard, I'm lucky, I'm spoiled, etc... Fucking psyching though cause I graduate on Thursday and out to AK on friday. Good luck in tahoe and hopefully next time.
  4. Ha, probably more like...."he gives his dad so much shit about his cheapness it ridiculous"....

    Fuck man, I'm dying here in the Bay. Went to Cosmo's and got my wife's boots taken care, so we are good to go there, but no fucking snow. I'm without wife and child this weekend, so I going to ski something. May make a few turns on Friday at Kirkwood if they open their 'run', and then try to hit something in BC on Sat or Sun. Let me know if you are interested, I'm going to ping bcrider, gimpy, and Sierra Cement to see if they want to ski some chutes. ha! Later.
  5. Surfed with Tom Nelson yesterday. We talked soooo much shit about you that at one point I had to say, "hey, i think he's a nice guy so maybe we should lay off a bit". Then we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was hilarious. Whoopdeedoo.
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