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  1. Hey Man,

    yeah the Commandante is a good bike. Very stable. Stiff. Takes a beating. A good bike made by some kick ass people here in NorCal who have top notch customer service. I'm nearly the exact size as you and ride a medium as well (I think it's an 18"). Although I guess I should say, "rode". The only thing I didn't like about my Commandante was the I tend to race XC alot these days, I picked up a Niner Air 9 Carbon. If you're at all interested, I'm actually selling my Commandante's a 2009. White. And I'm selling it with the Chris Kind headset (red, also a 2009) and the EBB of course. It's just been hanging up in my garage since August.
  2. hay dood, if you have a a bit of time could i pick your brain? i am looking at the el comendante to replace my jabber. are you still on this bike? i am 5'10 32"inseam so looking at the med frame. would you still recommend this frame? any other advice?

    thanks for any info, jeff
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