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  1. Hi. Bob? Hope so. This is Tom, who you sold those Scarpa boots to this week. The reason I'm contacting you as a new comer to TGR, instead of via TTips, is that I somehow hosed up access to my account there. All my contact info for you was in TTips. All I had in hard copy was your name. I remembered you told me what your user name is here (I think, I hope). So I registered and messed around long enough to figure how to get PM privledges so I could contact you.... NOW With that out of the way... I have no problem with the boots. Just making sure you have no problem with my check. If you do have a problem, you had no way to get in touch with me, till I dreamed up this scheme using TGR. Now I expect the check to clear no sweat, but if there is a problem, and you try to PM me at TTips. It would seem like I had just dropped out of sight. I don't want to rip you off, even inadvertantly. Anyway, please respond and let me know that: A) you got this mssge; B) it went to the right guy. Thanks
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