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  1. Change of plan.
    Throwing my bike and me down to the creek was not a real good move. I think it was an end-o. Happened so fast.
    Fortunately, the logs, dirt and berry bushes stopped me from getting wet.
    Alas, I currently cannot wear long pants, and my kneecap is telling me that it would not be happy doing a hike this weekend.
    I am assuming that you are mostly limited to weekends now?
    I will probably be in SLT for the Dream Factory the following weekend with my lady. I wish I could get her to ski, but have pretty much given up on that... Maybe I will see you there?
    So that leaves the last weekend of the month. Or any weekday, after a bit of healing time.


    I could use a little new snow, Mom. Let it Snow!
  2. Stev,
    If you have anything planned for this next weekend, in specific, Sunday, I want to be involved.
    Hopefully more than you found on Round Top!
    I will be driving up the SkiBumMobile on Saturday and have time to get be anywhere. Is Saddlebag still in play? I could camp there Saturday and Sunday.
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