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  1. I was paying $500 a month, no cable tv but wireless internet. no home phone and very poor cell reception, but we had a booster so calls can be made if sitting beside it. washing machine but no dryer, big deck, double garage for sleds and toys with a wood fernace to heat it. 1 dog there now and we had another buddy with an inside dog for a few months.
    I don't know how welcoming they would be to take in a roommate they don't know as they are very "particular" one of the guys is snowforever on here and they are brothers Randy 37 and Brodie 30. They used to have a reputation around town but are alot less reckless and far more focused now.
    do you know the house? its on the corner of moberly branch rd and upper golden donald rd. right in the middle of the Magnasens compound.
    blaeberry valley appartments are just around the corner and she said they rent 1 bedroom appartments starting from $650 with pretty much everything included.
    your a skier? do you have a sled?
  2. Hey, heard you might have left a Room open in your old place in the Blae, DougW told me to send you a pm. Just wondering how much/what I get for the money.
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