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  1. Ooh thanks for the rec! I just finished a book and haven't started a new one yet, so this is good timing. Another cool reference, especially if you have Netflix, is to rent "On a Clear Day" about a laid off, kind of hopeless family man who swims the channel. Good flick, even for non swimmers (bf enjoyed it).

    I'm considering trying to do it- summer 2011, if you want to join? I just emailed a boat crew to find out about reservation process. Think about it!

    There are about 12 members of the swim club I'm looking at who have done it, so there should be some good potential mentors. Will keep you posted.
  2. I have thought about swimming the English Channel, but not very seriously. I'm friends with a guy who did it a few years back. The biggest challenge is the cold water. I just read an interesting book by a woman who is one of the greatest open water swimmers of all time. I highly recommend it. It's called "Swimming to Antarctica" by Lynne Cox. Some of the swims she's done are nuts!
  3. Hey, out of curiosity, have you ever considered swimming the english channel? Was reading this guy's account and thinking about you:

    He's in the swim club I am thinking about joining out here, that swims in SF Bay.
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