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  1. hey,

    i'm not sure were IŽll be skiing from tomorrow on, cause there are some friends visiting who are no freeriders and i've got to keep them busy....

    i just forwarded your message to some friends in munich (i`m from salzburg actually), there is a good chance that they are going after the fresh snow that is coming today/tomorrow.....

    if you send me your email adress/other contact info I'll let you know what i'm up to....

    servus schorsch
  2. Yo I'm flying to Muenchen tomorrow, be there on Friday. I'll be in town a few days before I drive down to Italy (on Tuesday probably) over Christmas, and will be back by the 27-28 of December ... would love to hook with you guys up to get some skiing in - I have transportation (car and trains) and I have a huge camera which wants to take lots of pics

    oh und ich spreche Deutsch!
    Bis dann, servus!
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