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  1. Good Afternoon! I recently graduated from college in Boston and after spending 3 1/2 miserable years planning to work on Wall St. I had an epiphany and decided to take a solo roadtrip from Cape Cod to see the country. I arrived in Boulder to visit a friend about a week and a half ago and haven't left, other than checking out Wyoming. Your thread on moving to Boulder has been very helpful as I plan to move here full-time in August. So far I have a job lined up (unfortunately part-time for now) but it could be nice in that it allows me time to experience the area and look for other possible opportunities.

    Really just looking to ski at Loveland and/or A-Basin, road/mountain bike, and climb as much as I can. Seeing as you just recently experienced a move here, would you mind if I ask some logistical/relocation questions if the need arises in the next few weeks?

    Thank you very much in advance and I appreciate any help!
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