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12-26-2003, 09:25 PM
report to come later


edit: 100 inches from 12/25 to 12/30 at Bridger Bowl

12-26-2003, 09:51 PM
where is it dumpin?? all i know is that summit county needs more snow........... lots more

12-26-2003, 09:55 PM
Originally posted by bigtwig00
where is it dumpin??

Bozone would be my guess.


12-26-2003, 10:08 PM
It's dumping in town in bozeman for sure. the realtime weather from bridger looks like its snowing more in town than on the hill.

Bridger was spectacular today, and should be off the hook tomorrow!

12-27-2003, 05:38 AM
Looks like two feet on the realtime checker. hopefully more when they update the website here in a few minutes.

Edit-23 over night and 31" in 24
Work needs to be skipped...

12-27-2003, 06:42 AM
Black giro full face helmet, all gray coat/pants, green lifelink pack, fischer big stix 106 w/ scarpa denali xt and freerides.

12-27-2003, 08:09 AM
And we are on hold til possibly noon today.:mad: :mad: :mad:

12-27-2003, 08:38 AM
48" as of 8:30 am

12-27-2003, 10:50 AM
Holy mackeral, 59 new in 24!


I was at Crystal back in '95 during the 63" in 24 and 93" in 48 hr massive dump. The upper mountain didn't open for three days and by then it had all gone to muck. Too bad, cause it was under 5% fluff while it was falling. That won't happen at Bridger! I've heard you guys get under 2% stuff often. Dang, I wish I was there!

12-27-2003, 11:24 AM
which sucks is they closed due to too much snow!!

12-27-2003, 11:31 AM
First I was pissed I was missing Alta's storm, now I realize I'm missing a better one. Hope the airport is open tomorrow and The Ridge doesn't open until Monday. And the wind doesn't blow....and it doesn't settle overnight as quickly as it normally does....and that I start visiting my family only during the summers...auggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. poop.

Blurred Elevens
12-27-2003, 11:39 AM
5 feet of snow in 24 hours??!! Holy fucking shit Francis!!
Doesn't compare with the 1 inch fresh on my porch right now here in Coloraddy...:o

12-27-2003, 12:03 PM
5ft of snow and STILL DUMPING!!

we could see at least another foot by tomorrow.

Yeah, its closed, but its just money in the bank baby.

And i dont have to sling fish tomorrow night.

Oh yeah, and the Pats are well on their way to clinching homefield through the playoffs.

Goddamn its a good day.

12-27-2003, 12:20 PM
BULLSHIT! FUCK FUCK< FUCK!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I HAD 4th CHAIR, MT HAD 1st....................fuck tomorrow.

New Snowfall: 53"
24 Hour Snowfall: 61"
Upper Base Depth: 86"
Temp. Base Area: 14
Temp. Mid Mountain: 6
Wind Mid Mountain: 5-15 MPH
Wind Base Area: 5-35 MPH
Primary Surface Conditions: Powder
Secondary Surface Conditions: Powder
# Trails Open: 0
# Lifts Open: 0 of 7

Bridger Bowl will not be open today due to massive snowfall...53 inches of snow so far and still dumping heavily. We apologize

for the delay in opening; thanks for your understanding and patience as we effort to make the mountain safe for tomorrow.

12-27-2003, 12:28 PM
I would like to let all you mutherfukers know that I had my skis lined up for first chair this morning.........:mad: Oh, it was going to be so, so sick.... Anyway, hopefully I can pull it off again tommorow morning. It's going to be a mad house up there though with people coming out of the woodwork to get the fresh snow.........I think an arrival of 7:15 might only get you 5-6th chair.........Needless to say it should be interesting.

12-27-2003, 12:46 PM
With that much new and the extreme avy danger, what do you locals think of the chances the Ridge might open Monday or Tuesday? I may just jump in the truck and buzz over from Seattle.


semi retired ski shooter. My bud and PowMag cover slut Wayne Grevey can't make it.

12-27-2003, 12:51 PM
My best guess is that the Ridge won't be open until Monday afternoon at the earliest.....Also, they might not have the D-Route open until a few days after that......

12-27-2003, 01:54 PM
Thanks, Peter! You guys better all run down to the dive shop and buy out all their snorkels!!! Tomorrow will be EPIC and I'm majorly jealous.

I think I'll just have to stay here and sample the dumpage that is just about to start. It is just started puking and is almost snowing at my house in town. When the snow levels are at or near the surface, as they are now, the Cascades are incredible..and Alpental has more sick terrain than you can shake a stick at! I'll be there tonite or tomorrow. Forecast is for above normal precip and below temps for the next 14 days, and one storm after the other. Oh yeah!!

12-27-2003, 03:16 PM
Continuing to dump 2" an hour.


12-27-2003, 03:41 PM
Projected opening of noon.........hopefully they can pull it off.

12-27-2003, 04:02 PM
yeah..... what slipness said.... sorry I missed this one but shits gonna be filled in now bitches....damn!... my new dates are jan13- feb22 but can't believe the 5+ footer happened NOW... god bless ya boyz, thanks ullrman, giddy up an git sum- MUCH!... I am at peace with missin this, I really am.... DAMN!...... :D :D :D

12-27-2003, 04:08 PM
It appears that we are back up to 3" an hour http://mtavalanche.com/weather/bridger_bowl.shtml

12-27-2003, 05:33 PM
I could be there by tommorow for $2284. What a deal

12-27-2003, 05:49 PM
Originally posted by rbtree
Holy mackeral, 59 new in 24!


I was at Crystal back in '95 during the 63" in 24 and 93" in 48 hr massive dump. The upper mountain didn't open for three days and by then it had all gone to muck. Too bad, cause it was under 5% fluff while it was falling. That won't happen at Bridger! I've heard you guys get under 2% stuff often. Dang, I wish I was there!
that was my first pow day. spend most of the day looking for my skis.
does bridger get dumps like this often?

12-27-2003, 06:30 PM
About once a year we get a huuuuge dump, but I've never seen anything like this in 11 years. The best story I've heard is from 1980, with 80" inches total. Mountain was closed for 3 days, but it was so cold the snow didn't settle before it opened. Old-timers tell me about skiing underneath the snow down North Bowl. The snow was not flowing over their heads...they were literally submerged and making turns in 2% snow.

This could be one of those storms. I'm guessing they won't have the upper mountain or The Ridge opened until Monday. But who knows. If the wind doesn't blow, these next two days will be unforgettable.

Two feet more (so far) than Kevin's pow section in JSD for reference......oh snap.

12-27-2003, 06:34 PM
68" in 24 hours as of 3pm...stilll snowing. Probably more up top......good god.

12-27-2003, 06:48 PM
http://tetongravity.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=33335&stc=1&d=1195578813 -- The sign says 59" overnight

http://tetongravity.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=33336&stc=1&d=1195578813 -- Freezing our asses off waiting for the goods, it was not to be today. Supposed to open at 12:00 tomorrow.

12-27-2003, 06:54 PM
Yeah, you see my prominent position up front biatch :D

Blurred Elevens
12-27-2003, 07:43 PM
I'm sooooo fucking jealous right now it's not even funny. That's shitty that you dudes have to wait around for them to open though...

12-27-2003, 08:11 PM
[crosses fingers]don't open the ridge until tuesday so i can actually get some[/crosses fingers]

You biatches better be getting some tomorrow!!!! At least take 1 pic so i may be ablel to look at it after work.

Who's gonna be up there tues-Fri?

And i feel a Battle of the Fluff part 2 coming on

12-27-2003, 09:58 PM
Freaking unreal!!

As far as I know, the 63 in 24 at Crystal was a record one day dump at a ski area. It was insane, as it was puking 4-6 an hour for a while. A few regulars parked themselves at the bottom of Rex. I told them to come join me in breaking trail to Lower Bull..through a mere 3 feet of fresh at the time. I ended up breaking most of the trail, not wanting to wait for the slower youngsters. Just before making it to the main run, along come a fresh Jim Bison and Gil Haines, who laughed, thanked me and blow by for insane first tracks, leaving me huffing and puffing...the bums!!! We made a couple laps before convincing the guys in line (notably including my buds Wayne G and Keith R, the slackers!!)that Rex would not open. Meanwhile, up above, the patrol were gingerly skiing down, setting off slides all the way down. Robert Bartsch, head cat driver, described a hellish ride down also.

As the snow continued, finally totalling 93 in 2 days, we wondered if and when Exterminator would go. Back in the late 60's, a 39 inch slide released, ran 1500 vert or more, hit the lower lift shack, flinging it many feet in the air. The backwash filled Silver Creek, and inundated the daylodge with spray, thus the reason for the big hump which is now a fixture on lower E.

After a few hours of skiing only two good runs, most of us got bored and gave up. The entertainment became helping folks dig out of the parking lot. Only one guy in a Jeep Cherokee was able to pull out aiming uphill. After only 4 or 5 hours, my Toyota was little more than a big bump. The next day, Friday, was the same, lower mountain only, so rather tracked out. The upper mountain didn't open till Sunday, by then, in typical PNW fashion, a major warming trend had moved in, turning the slopes to guanch. I didnt even bother to go out.

It looks as though it is still dumping at Bridger, hope they open sometime tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it's snowing 1-2 an hour in the Cascades and cold, so you know it is gonna be blower!! Shot 6, Elevator, Rocks Off and Gunbarrel will be where you can find me, if you're lucky. Shooting for first tracks in Felsen. They were just fine XMAS day, even with the firm base under 8-16 inches. Tomorrow, well....just be there. or be square!


12-27-2003, 10:17 PM
Talked to a friend on BB patrol this evening. He told me that if it stops snowing (and it has in bozeman) that it MIGHT open by noon Sunday.

If it doesn't stop snowing, bet on Monday.

BB management has to be chomping at the bit to get open, last thing they want is to be shut down for the weekend after christmas.

My source told me it took til 11am to make it to the nose, and once he made it to the nose, he got bogged down straight running.

oh yeah, and there was over 70" as of 4pm. And it looks like we have had 10+ since then.

12-27-2003, 11:53 PM
It looks like the storm total came in at around 80" in well under 48 hours. And temps where in the single digits to teens. Winds didn't look too bad either. If there are any maggots out there within 500 miles who aren't going to make it, be ashamed. That is unreal. That is almost unsafe unreal. People are going to be buried. I'm 2000 miles away and I keep checking the report every time I walk by my computer. That never happens. I can't even imagine skiing snow that deep and that light. 40" of bridger bowl pow is a choking amount of snow. Epic doesn't even begin to describe the chaos that is going to unfold today.

Go get some.

12-28-2003, 12:07 AM
Real time just went down at Midnight, but it had stopped snowing and was starting to settle.....winds also looked really calm. Fingers crossed for a mid-day opening.

12-28-2003, 12:20 AM
realtime has been a little unreliable the last couple days. It got stuck at 23 in for like 4 hours while it was snowing 3 in/hr up there.

This is probably the first time in my life when i wished it would stop snowing.

12-28-2003, 12:25 AM
Yeah, I have been hoping that it would stop since this morning........that's always a little strange to think let alone say "fuck, I wish it would just stop snowing.." It's gotta be done though.

12-28-2003, 08:23 AM
Looks like it might finally stop. Please open today ullr! Please.........epic report to come.

12-28-2003, 08:31 AM
Yup, its opening today at noon. I bet MT is already in line. Oh well, just one more gaper to pass! :D

And another storm coming in tonight and tomorrow.

12-28-2003, 04:13 PM
Managed to score first tracks down the Flipper face and off of Angel's Flight. It was increadibly deep. One you got onto the flats, getting back to the groomer was a chore. Thankfully Rich was down there and managed to break the trail. Had to jet out at 3:00 p.m. because I'm flying out for three weeks in the morning and need to get everything organized. Here is some stoke. Didn't bother to stop and take any action shots, as I was too busy skiing.

Freakofsnow in line after run #1

LADskier trying to get back to the groomed

Some random skier bogged down on the flats

All in all a really great day, but I think that it was a bit better last season on the 40" day, due to the fact that you could actually ski it better. Anyplace that was not sustained steep pitch today was unskiable until about 15-20 people had gone through and chopped everything up. The Big Daddies were rockin' hard, but I wanted something bigger for sure...

baseWeldr, rode up first run with Ted and he says hi.

edit: fixin pics

12-28-2003, 05:48 PM
one buddy said they did 4 laps on the ramp yesterday with 6 new on the skintrack each time up... kewl they got bridger lift open and the high T, lookin forward to more reports soon (used several free weekend minutes today... from the beach- doh!)
cheers to deep snow and a historic snowfall- git sum ya bastids:D

12-28-2003, 10:30 PM
Quite the day that is for sure. I made a really bad decision first run and got sucked into South Bowl. Took forever to get out of there.

I was amazed at how long the powder lasted. And also discovered that Big Stix 106 turn into boat anchors when they are 4 ft under the snow. If you could keep up enough speed they were sweet, but as the snow hit you, you lost speed. Til finally one ski sank, then the next, then you stopped.

Gapers everywhere (Christmas weekend), never saw so many folks looking for skis in one day. oh yeah, and i almost died (http://tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4406&perpage=25&pagenumber=2).

And nice to meet FOS in the grizzly after.

12-28-2003, 10:46 PM
Good god, today was well deep, probably don't get much deeper. I never thought I would say it, but it was almost too deep. People wallowing in the muck everywhere. And this was the cold smoke, about 5 percent density. Like MT said, last years 40 incher may have been better, but no matter cuz its game on now, haven't seen a base like this, this early its shaping up nicely.

After yesterdays debaucle, it could only get better, b/c we didn't open in the thick of the storm. No matter, today was blue bird. Yet again the same possee of locs was in the line early. I arrived shortly after MT and LAD at about 10 with an expected opening of 12. The anticipation was frantic. People were straight up nervous after the briefing from patrol. It was deep, damn deep in not so many words he said.

Flippers was the first pick. MT was a few chairs ahead of me. At the bottom of Flippers the posse stacked up 15 deep, wallowing in the fluff. I came in hot and was able to move to the front of the pack, RIch busted the first mole track out the bottom. Next up MT, LAD and I hit the cliff band on Flippers, each boosting a 20 footer, sticking em clean.

The rest of the day was over the head where you could get enough speed. Tomorrow should be better. Good to finally meet fez.

Guess what I'll be calling in SICK! Oh yeah, ITS SNOWING AGAIN AND 3 MORE FEET ARE EXPECTED. IF you have free time on your hands and you are not in your car driving towards Montana, well your loss :D

MT shredding it



Vid of the day -- http://www.bridgerbowl.com/fs_dailyImages_qt.php -- Doesn't do it justice

12-28-2003, 11:02 PM
Couple more for your viewing pleasure




Jumper Bones
12-28-2003, 11:39 PM
Damn dude

I hadn't even considered flippers. It's always been one of my favorite runs, but since it's over on ze knob I always forgot about it on a pow day. Every time I hit it, I tried to imagine what it'd be like to be able to charge it full throttle and point it, blindly leaping in. The landing and bumpfest afterwards always stopped me from doing anything resembling that, and you'd have to have a pretty sizable day to pull it off. And you got that - lucky fuckers.

Anyway, enjoy it, spin a lap for me. I'm working all this week, 7 days straight of 12 hour graveyard shifts. Yee-ha!

on another note, surprising it was crowded...I usually found winter breaks to be the lonliest times at bridger, because all my friends were out of town (university students usually clear out for the breaks), and I'd sit at the access gate to the ridge waiting for people to head up that I could piggyback with. I'd sit there for an hour or two and say fuck it (and I couldn't get any patrollers to go up...lazy fucks...). Kinda sucked.

rip it up boys.

12-28-2003, 11:59 PM
You boys keep the reports coming while I'm gone, and spin a lap or two topside for me. Gonna try and catch a few hours of sleep now, and then I'm Audi 5000.

12-29-2003, 06:18 AM
Originally posted by MT
You boys keep the reports coming while I'm gone, and spin a lap or two topside for me. Gonna try and catch a few hours of sleep now, and then I'm Audi 5000.

foot of new as of 5am.

Flights can be missed.

12-29-2003, 06:48 PM
Who's gonna be up at bridger tomorrow?

12-29-2003, 06:57 PM
I'm too beat to do a write up now. The day was better than yesterday. 14" new ontop of the 71" the day before. The snow settled a little bit (a little), and made it somewhat more manageable. Neck deep all day long. White room. Saw Slipp in line, Battle of the Fluff II coming soon!

This pretty much sums up the day

http://tetongravity.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=28852&stc=1&d=1184877908 -- Note the cold smoke cloud in the middle, theres a person under there ripping silently.

12-30-2003, 07:09 AM
6 more on top of the 14 from yesterday on top of a whole shitload more

i woke up shaking with anticipation, 2 red bulls are only going to make it worse.

12-30-2003, 07:30 AM
once in a lifetime.

the people that sit around me at work keep wondering why i have a blank expression on my face and keep shaking my noggin' in disbelief. i can't even image.


12-30-2003, 08:22 AM
slippy hope yer gettin some footage but couldn't blame anyone for just skiing that shit... it'll be good for filmin for awhile with piles like that... I'm in town in two weeks- maybe another helmet cam session in some lines rarely filled in... yafuckinhoo what a week

12-30-2003, 04:11 PM
Hit north bowl for a warm up and immedietly came back and went of DRCS cliffs. Went and did a high t lap and went over to pierre's knob to a surpising opening of the fingers. made a mad dash to the trail and got the first finger only to find the trailbreaking stopped there. said fuck it and went down the first finger for some over the head, straightline tracks. hurried and got back up on the trail and the lead people handn't got much further. so we did the first finger again. god down and went off superman. didn't feel like i went big enough so went back and hit it bigger this time. decided to go and hit the ridge.
C route was the only thing open. Wend over to the nose and dropped in and stopped dead. it was too deep and there wasn't enough pitch. After struggling for a long time finally made it down to some tracks and made extremely deep turns.
For the rest of the day we just went around trying to find a little bit of untracked. Tomorrow should still be could. When the rest of the ridge opens it will be going off!!!!

oh yeah. blue skies all day long

12-30-2003, 04:28 PM
I just plotzed.

Way to reap the pow.

Mountainman is a sheephumper.


That is all.

03-31-2004, 11:11 PM
bizump for the beyotches

05-16-2006, 11:26 PM
Let's hit DP, shorter line than Bridger, whirlpools, and maybe peek at south bowl.

DEEP, DEEP, holy-fuggin DEEP!!

Think they'll open the ridge today? Maybe... prolly fingers first... let's ride PK

Holy shit it's open, let's go!

Wow, we're not even to the first finger and we caught up with the pack already.

Let's ski the first, hike back up and get in line behind these guys again.

Hey up there, want us to spell ya breakin trail? No? ok...

Let's ski the second then...

Ok, back in line, let's ski the second again...

Holy shit, are all of ya skiing the third? Serious?

OMG, OMG, OMG, the snow is above my fucking head. I can't even see the horizon line uphill unless I lean waaayyy back..

This could be a big mistake. In order to take one step up, I have to whack the pow aside above my head with my pole, swipe it away, still above my head, with my hands, get it to nipple height, elbow it down, knee it down, stomp it ten times, then step.

Let's keep goin.

You wanna drop first?

uuhhhh.... YEAH!!!!

Don't stop, don't turn, this is serious shit.



don't turn, keep balance, hands up.

If I auger in now, I'm toast.

Wow, fucking amazing.

Wanna do it again?

Hella ya!!!

Sponge McBragg
11-15-2007, 01:38 AM
I've got vid of this cycle on mini DV maybe sometime I'll get around to uploading/editing it. I actually rode a TGR Hall of Fame powder dump. had a 2wd truck and rallying through the backstreets of BZX and not gettin stuck took some speed. I got stuck twice. But rallying was fun.

Just imagine how many pages this thread would have been if it happened in Summit/Vail I 70 area.

06-21-2009, 02:23 PM
Hi All,

I have been pretty busy the past few weeks , but I am going to be spending more time on the board with all you guys and gals ...

I would like to get my ask Merc. blog going again also ...