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I wish Owens slept
05-05-2004, 01:40 AM
Time to say goodnight to your wierdo internet freinds. I'm waiting in bed -- again. And it's comfy up here. And bring me something to drink when you come up. Even Sponge dog is asleep.

Goodnight internet people!

Owens Never Sleeps
05-05-2004, 01:43 AM
uh - oh.


yes honey...

05-05-2004, 03:48 AM
So we see who wears the pants in that relationship.

p.s. either you didn't listen to her or you forgot to log off, cause as of 5:48 am Eastern, you are still on.

05-05-2004, 09:10 AM
Originally posted by PaSucks
So we see who wears the pants in that relationship.

They don't call him Sponge Dog Fur Pants because he wears a skirt.

05-05-2004, 11:04 AM
Originally posted by Owens Never Sleeps
yes honey...

Give her a squirt for me....

05-05-2004, 02:13 PM
Yeah....like he's gonna get some shuteye......

In other news, the seismology dpeartment at UAA reported a small temblor measuring 5.2 last night at approximately 1:42 AM. The epicenter was located somewhere bewtween Anchorage and Girdwood.

"Seismologists have observed that for every magnitude 6 earthquake there are 10 of magnitude 5, 100 of magnitude 4, 1,000 of magnitude 3, and so forth as the events get smaller and smaller."

I'm sure a lot women can relate to that...........

05-05-2004, 02:15 PM
Owens's wife has posted in only two threads. Both times it was a call to actually GO to bed. I've now posted in both.

I find all of these facts fairly amusing.

05-05-2004, 02:24 PM
Please don't banish me for my off color remark....

I apologize in advance

05-05-2004, 02:32 PM
Originally posted by I wish Owens slept
Time to say goodnight to your wierdo internet freinds.

Hey, I resemble that remark.

05-05-2004, 02:37 PM
The Owens Residence.......

05-05-2004, 02:45 PM
Too fucking funny, Splat.

damnit... now I have to go do something productive.

05-05-2004, 05:29 PM

05-05-2004, 10:44 PM