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Tangerine Dream (2005)

About Tangerine Dream

The Tangerine Dream is a film that represents years of broken down trucks, whiskey bottles, wanderlust and the most down and dirty skiing and boarding you have ever seen. This rusty orange story is about the origins of TGR, outlaw athletes and the ragged lifestyle that has kept this posse’s dream and way of life alive. The movement is stronger than ever with Nobis accomplishing the impossible in Alaska, the Olenicks taking their park skills to AK, Jeremy Jones straight-lining 50 degree spine walls, Sage fusing style and big mountain and Dana Flahr emerging as a dominate force in skiing. This vagabond tale will take you through the lifestyle of skiing and the passion that continues to change the face of the sport. Take a ride in the orange truck that started it all on a rowdy road trip through India, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Alaska, Aspen, Utah, Montana, California and Jackson Hole.

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