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Stoke The Fire (2021)

About Stoke The Fire

TGR’s 26th annual film release STOKE THE FIRE explores our athletes’ evolution within skiing and the pure joy that manifests from that process. The stoke means different things to different people based on where they are in their evolution. For some it is about committing to a new world, a lifestyle, and the friendships that blossom from that commitment. The choice to enter this world is a spark, and with every new experience the fire grows. With more knowledge comes more exploration, both physically and geographically, that helps to understand what those raw experiences connected with nature do for the soul. With more experience an examination of our shared history becomes important, and ultimately some of us might want to test our limits at the upper echelon of what is possible by drawing upon the sum of our knowledge and experiences. While the answers we find are different for everyone the pursuit of this evolution is something sacred, the pursuit is what stokes the fire. 

The worldwide tour for Stoke the Fire launches in September. 


If you are interested in licensing the film to host a screening, fill out our licensing request form here!

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A letter from TGR to the environment.

Dear Earth,

TGR is far from perfect, but we are trying and will continue to evolve as we seek to minimize our own footprint. We realize the impact we have had on the environment, but also recognize the opportunity we have about using our platform to offset that not only economically but through increased messaging. Whether through films like Ode to Muir or Roadless, through partnerships with like-minded organizations like Leave No Trace, Sierra Nevada, Aspiration Bank, POW, Surfrider, 1% and more, our goal is to minimize the negative impact we have while ensuring that the benefits outweigh that impact.

Some of the things we do:

- Carbon offsets: In 2021, TGR supported removing 400.00 MtCO2e.
- TGR HQ is powered by 100 % local green power.
- Focusing more and more on foot-powered missions and Leave No Trace principles while filming.

- We use recycled materials whenever possible in TGR Supply products.
We need you, and will continue to do everything in our power to support you. 

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