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TGR Presents

January 21, 2018
5518 Designs

Butte, MT

Event Details

  • What:Butte Premiere of Rogue Elements (Night Two)
  • When:Sunday, January 21st. Doors 4:00, Show 5:00.
  • Where:5518 Designs
  • How Much:$10
  • Details:Join us for the second night showing of Rogue Elements as a part of the Snoflinga Winter Festival!

Show - 5:00

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Event Description

As a part of Butte's Snoflinga Winter Festival, 5518 Designs will be hosting two showings of Rogue Elements, presented by REI.

In the winter of 2017, the magnitude of winter's force was on full display. Telephone pole-snapping storms pounded the Wyoming landscape. Regions to the west, recently left arid and forgotten, were gifted with unprecedented accumulation. Blizzards in Europe buried towns in an instant before disappearing just as fast, leaving the lucky few who were there to wonder if it even happened. A Bolivian expedition found grace above 18,000 feet before the elements went rogue and the humans reluctantly heeded warnings from above.

Join the TGR team as they embark on an adventure filled with fury and glory, and witness the unimaginable. Rogue Elements, presented by REI, features Angel Collinson, Jeremy Jones, Ian McIntosh, Elyse Saugstad, Tim Durtschi, Dash Longe, Nick McNutt, Hadley Hammer, Johnny Collinson, Thayne Rich, Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, Clayton Villa, Cam Riley, Sean Jordan, Griffin Post, Sam Smoothy, and Sammy Luebke.