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Out There (2008)

About Out There

Humankind threatens many pristine and favorite surf breaks and surfers need to take action. In partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, TGR’s OUT THERE takes viewers to a variety of breaks around the world, showcasing the cutting edge surfing of today. Through the eyes and experiences of surfers and locals, the film takes a thought-provoking look into the environmental destruction threatening key surf spots such as Trestles in Southern California, surf in Southern Chile threatened by pulp mills, Teahupoo and its growing popularity, mainland Mexico, North Shore Hawaii near the Turtle Bay development and beyond.

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OUT THERE incorporates state of the art cinematography utilizing board-cams, water-cams, land perspectives, jet-ski follow cams, and aerial cinematography. Through personalities, travel and explosive action the film will convey a seamless portrayal of the lifestyle that is surfing amid destitute of some of the world’s favorite surf spots.

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