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Flow: June Mountain

Story by Zack Skovron

When asking avid skiers and boarders why they devote disproportionate amounts of time and money to snowsports, one answer is more common than the rest: "It's a feeling I don't get from anything else," or "I'm not thinking about anything else while I'm skiing (or snowboarding), I'm totally in the moment." It's cliche enough to make you roll your eyes, but they're not wrong. The "flow state" is real, and it's addictive. 

"Riding a really long run is meditative—you're just thinking about what you have in front of you, not about the other things that you have going on in your life." - Jeff Kramer

Whether you find flow on groomers, in the terrain park, or while slashing pow, Southern California's June Mountain has you covered. Offering 1,500 acres of diverse terrain in the spectacular southern Sierra Nevada, June is worth a visit or three.