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Explore the stories of 21 athletes who live and breathe this ideal every day, pushing their skiing and snowboarding to the limit. Whether it was Albania, Alaska, Jackson Hole, or anywhere in between, TGR's team wanted nothing more than to be Far Out.

Alaska gave us the goods this year, and two months early!

Sam Smoothy

With all this time to reflect, all I can think about is getting back on snow and having more powder days where you’re almost crying from laughing so hard.

Hadley Hammer

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to have the best day of your life. Re-think the way you experience the mountains and it becomes a whole new world.

Tim Durtschi

The thing about style is you own it, no one else can take it from you, it’s yours...

Robin Van Gyn

My inspiration comes from people, good conversations, foreign countries, foreign customs – and the unknown that urges me to change myself and to learn something new.

Fabian Lentsch

Nothing like a first descent for breakfast.

Parkin Costain

Looking forward to the release of this film. Going to be a good one!

Sean Jordan

Slowing things down, hiking up, assessing the conditions one step at a time.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

Most days I crave simplicity.

Angel Collinson

The Far East of Russia is one of the strangest, most interesting places I️ have ever been.

Clayton Vila

Always remember to get your smile and hold it as long as you can.

Colter Hinchliffe

It’s good to let the mind wander.

Johnny Collinson

I like to be as fluid and nimble as possible. Decisions are not set in stone until they need to be.

Jeremy Jones

Even with these challenges I prefer doing it on foot. Slowing everything down and learning to appreciate every moment, connecting with the mountains in a far more intimate way gives me a much more rich experience at the end of the day.

Ian McIntosh

Sometimes it feels like you're walking into a new world. The mountains have so many cool textures.

Kai Jones

I'm just trying my hardest to simulate moon gravity...

Nick Mcnutt

Whether it’s topping out with friends at sunrise or spelling restaurant right on the first try, take the wins where you can get ‘em.

Griffin Post

Hyped to be a part of this film.

Cam Riley

The mission is only as good as the plan.

Mark Carter

Ok, where is that spine I wanted to ski? Damn it’s steep.

Dane Tudor

If we truly #livethemoment oh the stories we’ll have to tell...

Elyse Saugstad