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Blending Reality and Fantasy with Mixed Media Art

Doodles and Day Dreams

Story by Katie Lozancich

Whelp, for obvious reason, 2020 wasn’t exactly the ideal year to be a photographer. Last March, I remember watching all the events and gigs I normally covered get canceled like cascading dominos. But as a firm believer in silver linings, this strange period of sudden pause presented me with a unique opportunity to pursue other things. 

For some of us, that meant baking really cute loaves of bread—to the point that the grocery store was out of flour and yeast. For others, it meant learning a new instrument or getting really ripped from that strange Instagram push up challenge that went viral. But for me, the downtime felt similar to when I was a kid and it was a rainy day. To kill the time, I grabbed my little sketchbook and filled it with all kinds of doodles of cats and mermaids. For the last few months, I decided to do the same by creating a handful of paintings with my newfound free time.

Since photography is such a huge part of my life, I decided to use my favorite photos from the last few years as inspiration—literally. 

I thought back to some of the trails with the best views, like this overlook in Pemberton, British Columbia...

or in Bend, Oregon, where you can soak in views of the Cascades right from the Mt. Bachelor Bike Park.

While I painted, I dreamt about past adventures spent in the desert. Reminiscing about the way the landscape basks in the morning light of a new day...

or how a desert storm doesn’t look all that different from a watercolor painting.

I pondered if some athletes knew the secret to flying...

and if Corbet's Couloir was really just a rabbit hole to a different world. 

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