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2020 was a wild ride.

Welcome To the TGR Journal Vol. 2

Story by Max Ritter

Happy winter! Boy, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these. Last spring, the TGR Journal was conceived as a collection of TGR’s best writing and long-form storytelling that would run a few times a year. Well, we all know how 2020 went. Either way, it’s good to be back, and I’m beyond excited to show off our second volume of the TGR Journal, this time with a whole new collection of words, photographs, thoughts, and even some art.

It’s January, so we’re keeping the focus seasonal, but that doesn’t mean it’s all snow content. Sometimes, those long winter nights have us yearning for a little change of scenery, so we took a trip to Mexico and down the Big Ditch for a little winter warmth. Of course, we’re still diving deep into what’s going on in the winter sports world, including some groundbreaking interviews with legends of the ski, snowboard and ice climbing worlds giving us their take on everything that matters to them. That includes mental health, the environment, breaking boundaries and technology that’s changing the game.

I do hope that the TGR Journal can yet again provide a means of escape for you, our readers, so I encourage you get lost in the words and images that will be coming out on over the next three weeks. And, of course, thank you to all the contributors that made Volume 2 possible!

We hope you enjoy the TGR Journal and check back for more soon. Long live the dream.

-Max Ritter, TGR Digital Content Manager

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