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Now that we’re about to turn 25, we wanted to try something new.

​Welcome to the TGR Journal Vol. 1

Story by Max Ritter

Digital media is an ever-evolving space, one that presents unique challenges, new opportunities, and lots of excitement at every turn of the road. TGR has been on the forefront of the action sports media world for nearly 25 years, constantly pushing cutting edge storytelling techniques in the world of film and written word. We’ve made dozens of feature films showing off the best skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and mountain biking athletes over the years, and will never cease chasing perfection in that craft.

The TGR Journal is a brand-new way to showcase our digital storytelling on a fresh platform. Combining both magazine-style writing and photography from our own writers, athletes and friends into a modern web experience, we want to create an immersive online space for you to step into our world. It’s a step towards a slower pace of media, where the goal isn’t to consume as much mediocre content as possible. Instead, we want to urge you to get lost in our long-form stories, get inspired, provoke some discussion, and imagine yourself deep inside the world of living the dream.

Each edition of the TGR Journal will be a collection of stories that will drop together once a quarter, magazine-style on, so check back for the next editions soon.

Our world has been facing some tough times recently, so we hope these stories will inspire you to get outside and get after it in the mountains, the ocean, or wherever you like to play. This edition follows a theme of “lessons learned.” Whether it is finding out the limits of your own physical endurance while climbing in the Himalaya, learning new skills as a ski mountaineer, figuring out how to deal with bad weather on a ski trip to Chamonix, or realizing how lucky you can be to have an escape from the madness in your own backyard, read on to find out how our team of writers has garnered some important wisdom over the last few months.

We hope you enjoy the TGR Journal and check back for more soon. Long live the dream.

-Max Ritter, TGR Digital Content Manager

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